‚ÄčDaily Activities Program
Our Activity staff is dedicated to providing quality activities for our residents to stay active, motivated, and engaged in the things they love to do. Upon admission, Activities staff will visit to get acquainted with you.  Activities are offered seven days a week and an activity calendar is posted in your room, as well as on the bulletin board in the Activity room.  There are a variety of group events, entertainment, games, exercises, movies, news, outings, and more planned activities.  The monthly calendar may also include many out of the facility activities, such as shopping, picnics, and trips to restaurants, and other local attractions.  We encourage you to attend events of interest to you. If you have any questions or ideas regarding activities, please feel free to contact us!

Dietary Meal Program
Enjoy our restaurant-style dining.  Sit down with friends and let our staff take your order.  You may order our daily special or off our menu; you may choose to eat in your room.  We ask that you call in your order to ext. 2223 and allow 30 minutes for delivery.  You may also meet and greet your friends in our lovely Magnolia Dining Room. 

The Dietary and Nursing staff will work together to provide you with nutritional needs.  Spouses and/or guests are welcome to eat with you; please notify a staff member to order a guest meal.  Prices for guest meals are:  $2.50 for Breakfast, $3.50 for Lunch, and $3.00 for Supper.  Coffee or tea is available and free of charge to visitors.  Due to regulations, home-canned or baked foods cannot be served to our residents by our Dietary staff.  However, your family may bring home cooked foods to share with you.  Please check with Nursing to be sure that the food your family brings in is permitted on your Physician ordered diet.  

In-House Beauty Salon 
Licensed Beautician services are available.  The South Campus Beauty Shop is open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday; the North Campus Beauty Shop is open Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings.  Speak with staff to arrange an appointment during those hours, or with the Beautician to arrange an appointment time.   

Pet Friendly
We realize that pets are an important part of lots of people's lives and that they also may be healing. At the United Methodist Village, we have an atrium at both facilities that houses many different species of birds. We also have very large rabbits called Flemish Giants that are located in our courtyards, within our facility. Also housed in our courtyards are many rescued turtles. At the South Campus, we have an in-house cat named Chance. These animals love living here and our residents love having them, as well. There are many opportunities to help feed the rabbits (and even hold them at times), pet & cuddle with Chance, and gaze at our birds. 

Cable & WiFi
All rooms are equipped with cable and wireless internet, free of charge.  If you would like to utilize these services, you will need to supply your room with a television and/or a computer.

Religious Services
We offer many different religious & spiritual services to meet the needs of our residents of any denomination. We have a Chaplain on staff, as well as many pastors and clergy, who volunteer on a regular basis. For more information, please view our 
Spirituality page.