​​​​​​Life Enrichment
At The United Methodist Village, every day brings a variety of opportunities to discover new interests and build new friendships. You can participate in spiritual services, games, musical entertainment, and so much more. Discover new opportunities through our monthly events calendar and other resources that keep you clued in to what’s happening in and around Campus. Our Life Enrichment staff is dedicated to providing quality activities for our residents to stay active, motivated, and engaged in the things they love to do. 

Dining Services
“So what’s the food like?” That’s one of the top questions we hear when people are exploring The United Methodist Village. Food is one of the top deciding factors when choosing a senior living community.

Enjoy our restaurant-style dining.  Sit down with friends in any of our Dining Rooms on Campus and let our staff take your order.  You may order one of our daily specials or off our Grill Menu; you may also choose to eat in your room.  Need a snack later, no problem! Guest meals, special accommodations for family get-togethers, parties and celebrations are also made. We are here to serve you!

Hair Care Services 
A beauty and barber shop is open by appointment at North Campus, South Campus, as well as Southern Meadows.  

Pet Friendly
For many people, pets are an important part of their lives. We love pets, too! We also understand that pets can have a positive effect on health and happiness. At the United Methodist Village, we have aviaries that house many different types of birds. We also have very large rabbits called Flemish Giants that are located in our courtyards. South Campus is home to our cat, Chance. North Campus is home to our dog, Barbie. These animals love living here and our residents love having them There are many opportunities to help feed the rabbits (and even hold them at times), pet & cuddle with Chance, Barbie, and gaze at our birds. 

Volunteer Services
Our dedicated volunteer staff, under the guidance of our Volunteer Services Director, provides supportive services to our departments, our residents and their families.

Gift Shop
Our well-stocked gift shops are open five days a week for the convenience of residents, families, staff and visitors. Everyone is invited to stop in and browse.

Religious Services
Our chaplain provides pastoral and spiritual care, and coordinates ongoing and special religious programs and services. We are committed to the spiritual care of all residents on our campus, and provide worship opportunities for all religious denominations. For more information, please view our 
Spirituality page.

Exceptional Amenities