Decision Guide


I am looking for Senior Living for a loved one. 
At UMV, we’ve created Senior Living that provides an atmosphere for good health and wellness with high-quality care. We offer rehabilitation, long-term care, Assisted Living, Independent Living, as well as  Memory Care. If your loved one ever needs additional care, we can assist with that transition. You will be comforted knowing that all of your loved ones’ needs are provided for by a team already known to you.

I am looking for Senior Living for myself.

For some, making a decision about Senior Living can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. At UMV, our team of experts have helped thousands of families find the right Senior Living community. There is information here, and we’d love to meet with you personally to listen to and answer all of your questions. Then, you can see for yourself what caring Senior Living looks like for you at The United Methodist Village.

What should the first step be when looking for Senior Living for myself?
When looking at Senior Living options, the first step is to envision the kind of life you want for yourself. Now that you have the time, perhaps you have hobbies and interests you want to explore. Maybe you want to live in a community of friends just like yourself. Perhaps you no longer want the hassle of maintaining a house. Most importantly, you may be thinking about your future health needs. You want a living option that helps you shape the life you want and offers options to meet your changing needs – whatever they may be. At UMV, we have many levels of support available to you. 

What financial consideration are there for Senior Living?

We would be happy to help you understand the financial considerations and options available to you here at The United Methodist Village. We’re confident that you’ll find UMV to be an excellent value, and surprisingly affordable.

​Having the Conversation

​We are here to support you through every step of this process. We understand how difficult this can be for families. To help you with this process, our professional staff are available to guide you through this conversation. We have a Chaplain on staff who is also available to provide spiritual guidance during this important conversation. 

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