United Methodist Village Memory Support

​The United Methodist Village's Memory Care Ministry is especially designed to offer the perfect environment to improve the quality of life for residents with all levels of memory loss and other cognitive impairments. Because the progressive illness diminishes intellectual abilities, skills and daily functioning over time, programming revolves around activities associated with living at home. These programs are based on individuals’ unique needs, preferences and strengths.​

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Worldwide, the number of people with dementia is currently estimated at 35.6 million, and is projected to double every 20 years. In response to the increasing need for memory care services, a generous gift from Clyde H. Auten, (in loving memory of his wife, Lorraine), made Auten Center a reality for The United Methodist Village. 

Families Dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease

The progressive nature of dementia can take a toll both emotionally and physically on families who may not be well equipped to deal with the increasing level of demands. The next best thing to a cure for Alzheimer’s is a program of regular stimulation, mental and physical exercise and medication if necessary, which can dramatically slow the degradation of cognitive function and in some cases even improve these functions.

Memory Care Ministry