Meet Team UMV

​​​​​Team UMV
Heather Sherman, Admissions Director
618-943-3347 x1204


Jessica Simmons, Marketing and Volunteer Director
618-943-3444 x2201

Danielle Johnson, Director of Human Resources
618-943-3347 x1201

Bev Seitz, Interim Director of Nursing, South Campus
(618) 943-3347 x1261 

Penny Eckel, Director of Nursing - North Campus

618-943-3444 x2203

Vicki Lewis,  Director of Social Services - North Campus
(618) 943-3444 x2209  

Kimberly Fisher,  Director of Social Services - South Campus
(618) 943-3347 x1213

Nanette Dunn, Dining Services Director
618-943-3444 x1211

Bradley Fausnacht, Pastor
618-943-3347 x1212

Roberta Campbell, Resident's Trust Fund & Medicaid
618-943-3347 x1233

Joyce Hoskinson, Business Office Manager
618-943-3347 x1269

Ashli Wesley, Administrator - South Campus
618-943-3347 x1209

Paula McKnight, President & CEO
618-943-3444  x2206

To be directed to another department than listed above, please contact our receptionist:

South Campus
Phone: 618-943-3347
Fax: 618-943-3823

North Campus
Phone: 618-943-3444
Fax: 618-943-2853